Spellbound – A Marvel Funko Animated Short

As surely as the sun comes up, it was inevitable that eventually there would be animated Funko Pops. Now Marvel and Funko have come together to create Spellbound – A Marvel Funko Animated Short. In total there will be three Marvel Funko animated shorts in total and they will feature some of Marvel’s most popular Super Heroes and Villains, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Loki, Rocket, Groot, the Collector, Deadpool, and Venom.

“Telling Marvel stories in the Funko Pop! aesthetic is a special kind of magic unlike anything we’ve ever done. These shorts are both hilarious and action-packed – and irresistibly adorable too. Really, I think all audiences will love them,” said Cort Lane, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Animation and Family Entertainment.
Bait N Switch is the second animated short and will premiere on 12/7. Bait N Switch features Rocket breaking into the Collector’s museum to try and set his buddy, Groot, free. Chimichangas, the third animated short, will premiere on 12/14 and features Deadpool facing off against Venom!
“We are beyond excited to bring our Pop! Vinyl to life by collaborating with Marvel,” said Mark Robben, Funko’s Director of Marketing. “We hope fans enjoy these short films as much as they do collecting Pop!, and hopefully we’ll be able to create many more.”

We really like the look of this short film and can’t wait to see the other two. We also wouldn’t bet against a Marvel Funko series or movie at some point in the future, well if Lego can do it why not Funko??

You can watch Spellbound without leaving this very page. Yes we really are that good to you!