Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood

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Robin Batgirl Fresh Blood

New Town. Old Villains. Fresh Blood.

In Robin Batgirl Fresh Blood, after the traumatic events of Batman: War Games, two of Gotham‘s youngest heroes – Robin and Batgirl – relocate to Blüdhaven, where they must pick up the pieces of their lives and start anew. But before they can get fully settled in, they discover they have new threats to face, including Nightwing‘s enemy Shrike and their old friend Penguin. In order to save the day, the two heroes realise there is only one thing they can do: battle each other to the death!

Robin Batgirl Fresh Blood combines the writing talents of Bill Willingham (Fables) and Anderson Gabrych (Detective Comics), with dynamic art by Damion Scott (Batgirl), Alé Garza (Ninja Boy) and Jesse Delperdang (Nightwing).


Collects Issues –

  • ROBIN #132-133
  • BATGIRL #58-59


  • Trade Paperback.
  • DC Comics
  • New
  • On sale Date 4th Sept 2005



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